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High Quality Tailor ServicesA good tailor is hard to find. That’s why we here at North West Alterations are the Bolton, UK area’s best-kept secret; we’ve got all the best tailors (near me) working for us. Our company’s shop is set up so you can drop off your garments whenever you want and pick them up as quickly as you need them, usually within a day. Our tailoring services include suit alterations and repairs of all kinds (so they fit snug and just right), coat and jacket alteration and repairs; we can fix trousers and uniforms too. When you buy off the rack, you might get a great bargain, but the fit might be off, so bring it to us.

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Do you have suits, coats, jackets or trousers with busted buttons, zippers that won’t zip, or need shortened, lengthened, new collars, etc.? Then let North West Alterations be the “tailor near me” you’re looking for in the Bolton, UK area. Our shop is available for drop off and pick up service anytime for any of our services, many times in less than a day. We perform tailor services of all kinds, including school and work uniforms, alterations and repairs on upholstery, alterations, and customisation of curtains and wall hangings and other home fabric accessories. As for our clothing, we just want to make sure that your clothing fits you just right, and that all buttons, zippers, collars fit perfectly the way you want them to fit.

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Let our “tailor near me” services in the Bolton, UK area be your trusted and reliable clothing alterations company. At North West Alterations, we vow to provide you with the best tailor services at the best prices. Call now at (0843) 9033140, and a friendly associate will be glad to assist you and offer a free estimate.

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